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founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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Identification of Specimens.
Psyche 11(1):20, 1904.

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20 PSYCHE [February
thirds of the marginal, and the anterior and apical two-thirds of the submarginal cells, from the latter it extends broadly on each side of the apical cross vein, fourth - longitudinaland posterior cross- vein-slightly-beyond- the fifth -longitudinal-vein,-it also extends inward along the fourth longitudinal and anterior cross vein, leaving only the central portion of the first posterior and the basal posterior half of the discal cell hyaline. Calypteres whitish margined with yellow. Length, 12 mm.
One specimen, Montreal Island. Canada. from Mr. G. Chagnon. Its large
size and broad, maculated wings readily distinguish this species. IDENTIFICATION OF SPECIMENS.- The Cambridge Entomological Club is pre- pared to undertake the identification of adult forms in all orders, free of charge, for paid-up subscribers to PSYCHE. he privilege of retaining specimens after identification, for insertion in the collection of the Boston Society of Natural His- tory, is reserved. Each specimen submitted should therefore have a label bearing a number or other distinguishing mark, and the sender should keep a memorandum of these labels.
A DEPARTMENT OF BIBLIOGRAPHY will be instituted in the next number of PSYCHE. Brief references to current enton~ological literature will be presented. This department will hereafter be a regular feature of the journal.


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