Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

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founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 23 (1916)

The Immature Stages of Tropidosteptes cardinalis Uhler (Capsidæ, Hemiptera).
M. D. Leonard.

Prothetely in the Elaterid Genus Melanotus.
J. A. Hyslop.

Two New Thysanoptera from West Africa, with a Note on the Synonymy of the Phlœothripidæ.
J. Douglas Hood.

A Preliminiary List of the Odonata of Concord, Mass.
R. Hober Howe, Jr.

Elateridæ abd Throscidæ of the Standford University Expedition of 1911 to Brazil.
J. A. Hyslop.

A Psyllid Gass on Juncus (Kuvua naculipennis Fitch).
Edith B. Patch.

The Coccidæ of New Jersey Greenhouses.
Harry B. Weiss.

The Host of Zelia vertebrata (Diptera, Dexiidæ).
J. A. Hyslop.

Dr. Frederick William Russell.

Exchange Column.

Further Studies on the Platypezidæ.
C. W. Johnson.

Two New Texan Parajueli.
R. V. Chamberlain.

The Pupa of Boreus brumalis Fitch.
F. X. Williams.

A Nematode Parasite of Root Aphids.
J. J. Davis.

Some New Formicid Names.
W. M. Wheeler.

New Encyrtidæ from Northe America.
A. A. Girault.

Three New North American Species of the Genus Agromyza.
J. R. Malloch.

A New Species of Thripoctenus.
L. T. Williams.

Exchange Column.

New Species of Asilidæ from Southern California.
F. R. Cole.

Plaster-casting Insect Burrowns.
R. P. Dow.

Some New England Syrphidæ.
C. W. Johnson.

Parasites of Archips cerasivorana Fitch.
C. W. Johnson.

A New Ant of the Genus Messor from Colorado.
Hazel Andrews.

A Comparative Study of the Maxillæ of the Acridiidæ (Œdipodinæ and Tettiginæ), Phasmidæ and Phylldæ.
G. C. Crampton.

Table of Males of the North American Species of the Genus Asyndetus with Descriptions of Six New Species.
M. C. Van Duzee.

Cora H. Clarke [Obituary].

Exchange Column.

Notes on Anoplura and Mallophaga, from Mammals, with Descriptions of Four New Species and a New Variety of Anoplura.
G. F. Ferris.

Notes on the Life-Hostory of Methoca Stygia Say.
Francis X. Williams.

A New Species of Lepidopria from North America.
Charles T. Brues.

Book Review.
H. M. Parshley.

Exchange Column.

Sarcophagidæ of New England, III, Sarcofahrtia ravinia, New Genus and New Species.
R. R. Parker.

Taxonomic Notes on Agathinæ (Hymenoptera-Braconidæ).
J. Chester Bradley.

Notes on Genus Hyoidea Puton (Hemiptera).
E. P. Van Duzee.

Note on the Brazilian Fire-ant, Solenopsis sævissima F. Smith.
William Morton Wheeler.

An Anomalous Blind Worker Ant.
William Morton Wheeler.

A New Brachelytrous Trogositid Beetle from Colorado.
H. F. Wickham.

Notes on the Egg-Parasites of the Apple Tree Tent-Caterpillar (Malacosoma americanum).
L. T. Williams.

Monarthropalpus buxi Lab. in New Jersey (Dip.).
H. B. Weiss.

Exchange Column.

The Volucella Bombylans Group in America.
C. W. Johnson.

On Some Tingidæ from New England.
H. M. Parshley.

Questions on Nomenclature Connected with the Ant Genus Lasius and its Subgenera.
W. M. Wheeler.

A Phosphorescent Ant.
W. M. Wheeler.

A New Species of Aphiochæte (Diptera; Phoridæ) from New England.
C. T. Brues.

The Panurgine Bees of the Genera Hesperapis, Zacesta and Panurgomia.
T. D. A. Cockerell.

A New England Orthopteran Adventive.
A. P. Morse.

Ants Carried in a Floating Log from the Brazilian Mainland to San Sebastian Island.
W. M. Wheeler.

On the Tympanum of Certain lepidoptera.
W. T. M. Forbes.

Book Reviews: The Rynchopora or Weevils of Northeastern America, by W. S. Blatchley and C. W. Leng.
C. A. Frost.

Exchange Column.