Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 26 (1919)

Two Gynandromorphous Ants.
W. M. Wheeler.

A Malformed Leptinotarsa decemlineata.
C. L. Metcalf.

New Species of the Genus Villa (Anthrax).
C. W. Johnson.

Synchronous Movements in Vanessa antiopa Caterpillars with Notes on the Attraction of Certain Male Lepidoptera by the Females of their Own Species.
F. H. Walker.

New Records of Orthoptera in New England.
A. P. Morse.

Exchange Column.

A List of The Orthoptera of New England.
Albert P. Morse.

Notes on South African Phoridae (Diptera).
Charles T. Brues.

Fossil Cynipidae.
Alfred C. Kinsey.

Occurrence of Wingless Phoridae on The Fiji Islands.
Charles T. Brues.

A New Subspecies of Aphaenogaster treatae Forel.
William M. Wheeler.

Exchange Column.

A Proposed Nomenclature for the Parts of the Posterior Respiratory Apparatus of Dipterous Larvae and a Micro-Protractor Useful in Their Description.
C. L. Metcalf.

A Phylogenetic Study of the Mesothoracic Terga and Wing Bases in Hymenoptera, Neuroptera, Mecoptera, Diptera, Trichoptera and Lepidoptera.
G. C. Crampton.

A List of Dragon-Flies Collected at Wareham, Mass., During the Years 1911 to 1913 by Mr. Outram Bangs.
R. H. Howe.

Note on the Genus Liobracon, with the Description of a New Species (Hymenoptera; Braconidae).
C. T. Brues.

Some Observations on the Webbing Clothes Moth (Tineola biselliella Hum.).
M. T. Smulyan.

Ecological Relations of the Lepidopterous Genus Depressaria (Oecophoridae).
J. R. Traver.

Notes on the Early Stages and Larval Locomotion of Leia bivittata Say (Diptera).
H. B. Weiss.

Exchange Column.

Notes on Forest Insects. I. On Two Bark-beetles Attacking the Trunks of White Pine Trees.
W. M. Blackman.

The Ant Genus Lordomyrma.
W. M. Wheeler.

A New Paper-making Crematogaster from the Southeastern United States.
W. M. Wheeler.

The Ants of Tobago Island.
W. M. Wheeler.

Exchange Column.

The Nearctic Psammocharids of the Genus Aporinellus Banks.
J. Bequaert.

A Singular Neotropical Ant (Pseudomyrma filiformis Fabricius.
W. M. Wheeler.

Notes on Eustrophus bicolor Fabr., Bred from Fungi (Coleoptera).
Harry B. Weiss.

Notes on Forest Insects. II. Notes on Several Species of Pityophthorus Breeding in the Limbs and Twigs of White Pine.
W. M. Blackman.

The Occurrence of Anopheles punctipennis in Northern New England.
C. T. Brues.

Exchange Column.

The Phoresy of Antherophagus.
W. M. Wheeler.

A New Species Closely Resembling Drosophila melanogaster.
A. H. Sturtevant.

Descriptions of New Tryphoninae of the Tribe Ctenopelmini (Hymenoptera; Ichneumonidae).
E. W. Hall.

A Note on the Habits of Epactiothynnus opaciventris Turner, An Australian Thynnid Wasp.
F. X. Williams.

An African Figitid.
A. C. Kinsey.

On the Variation of Tabanus atratus Fabricius.
C. W. Johnson.

A New Species of the Genus Ulidia.
Charles W. Johnson.

New Mosquitoes From Panama.
C. S. Ludlow.

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