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Verbenapis - A Correction.
Psyche 30(1):30, 1923.

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30 Psyche [~ebruar~
genital plate broad and rounded apically; cerci short and very broad, tapering from near the base, about twice as long as the greatest width, apically pointed and without distinct segmen- tation; styles simple, about two thirds as long as the cerci, subcylindrical in shape, rather bluntly pointed apically and the whole organ about four times as long as the basal width. The entire insect is beset with short pile, the lateral margins of the abdominal segments, supraanal plate, cerci, styles- and legs with stout setae instead of pilose hairs. Measurements.-Length, entire insect from front of head to tip of abdomen, about 2.7 mm.; pronotum 1 mm.; posterior femora, 1 mm.; posterior tibia, .8 mm.; posterior tarsus, .7 mm.; posterior metatarsus, .3 mm. Width pronotum posteriorly, 1.8 mm. ; metanotum posteriorly, 2.1 mm. ; posterior femora medially, .3 mm. '
Type locality.-Cachuela Esperanza, Beni, Bolivia,. Described from three males collected in March, 1922, by Dr. Wm. M. Mann in the joint nests of Crematoqaster limata oar. parabiotica Fore1 and Camponotus(Myrmoth,rix)femoratusFabr. Type and paratypes in U. S. National Museum. Catalogue No. 25757, U. S. N. M.
In Psyche, vol. 29, p. 162 (August 1922) the name of the genus of bees, Verbenapis is misspelled. .Although the error is
quite obvious, Professor Cockerel1 has reminded me that it might receive the attention of nomenclaturists unless corrected. [Editor.] Pu&e 30:30 I1923). htlp:ffpsyclK.mlcliib.ora/30/30.030 hlml


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