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The Zoological Record.
Psyche 30(2):51, 1923.

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19331 New Species uj North American Cyrtidce 5 1 One specimen, Middlesex County, "New Jersey, May 19, (Harry B. Weiss). Type in the author's collection. This is readily separated from all the described species by its striped thorax.
The attention of Entomologists thoughout the world is called to the fact that, beginning with the Volume for 1922, the preparation of the "Insects" part of the ('Zoological Record," is being undertaken by the Imperial Bureau of Entomology. In order that the Record may be as complete as it is possible to make it, all authors of entomological papers, especially of sys- tematic ones, are requested to send separata of their papers to the Bureau.
These are particularly desired in cases where the original journal is one that is not primarily devoted to entomology All separata should be addressed to:-
The Assistant Director,
Imperial Bureau of Entomology, .
41, Queen's Gate,
London, S. W. 7,


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