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G. H. Barber.
A Note on a Recently Introduced Leafhopper.
Psyche 30(5):155-157, 1923.

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19231 A Note on a Recently Introduced Leafhopper 155 A NOTE ON A RECENTLY INTRODUCED LEAFHOPPER. Bureau of Entomology, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture. On July 21, 1919 the writer took a single specimen of Allygus mixtus Fabr. on the trunk of a beech tree at Medford, Mass. This specimen was determined by Messrs. Sanders and DeLong and a note of its occurence published by them (8). The species
was also noticed in a local list published by the writ,er (9). During the season of 1920 over forty specimens of the insect were taken from the same tree, the occurence ranging from July 16 to September 3. No specimens other than these were seen. Hundreds of specimens were taken from this tree during 1921, and a few near by and in adjoining towns from the middle of July to the middle of September.
So far as these collecting records go it would seem that this insect was rapidly gaining a foothold in this locality, at least one thriving colony having become well established. However, during 1922 only two specimens were captured and but one of these on the tree mentioned heretofore.
This species is not uncommon in Europe and northern Africa where it occurs quite generally as the following distribution record by Oshanin (6) will show; Sweden, Germany, England France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Roumania, Algeria, Tunis, Finland, and Russia. Specimens from Germany are in the writer's collections. It is a common species in England according to Buckton (4), and Edwards (5) records that it feeds on the oak. So far, the writer has not taken the insect from oak in Massachusetts but the young have not been observed. Allygus mixtus was originally described by Fabricius (1) in the genus Cicada. Subsequent writers placed the species in the genera Jassus and Thamnotettix until Scott (3) described the genus Allygus. This name had been proposed by Fieber (2) but it seems that he had given no description of it.



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