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A. P. Morse.
Two Vagrant Grasshoppers and a Moth.
Psyche 33(2):53, 1926.

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19261 Two Vagrant Grasshoppers and a Moth 53 TWO VAGRANT GRASSHOPPERS AND A MOTH.
Peabody Museum, Salem, Mass.
Schistocerca vaga Scudder
Scudder's appellation "wandering," applied to this species, is verified by the recent capture of an adult living female in Salem, Mass., Jan. 28, 1926. It was found in a shipment of cauliflower from California by Leonard Kobuszewski, a clerk in Tassinari's market and fruit-store, Essex St., Salem. Neoconocephalus triops Linn6
Three weeks later, Feb. 19, 1926, a living male of this species was found in a lot of spinach from Texas at the same place by the same person. This species has been taken in New England twice before under similar circumstances (see my Manual of the Orthoptera of New England, p. 358). Ceramidia viridis Druce.
On April 1 following, a specimen of this black moth was found in banana9 probably from Costa Rica, by Mr. George Tassinari. Mr. C. W. Johnson, to whom I am indebted for its determination, tells me that an example of this species has previously been taken at Nantucket.
All three specimens have been placed in the local collection (Essex County, Mass.) of insects of the Peabody Museum, Salem.


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