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C. W. Johnson.
New Species of Scatophagidae.
Psyche 34(2):100-103, 1927.

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Psyche [April
Boston Society of Natural History.
Amaurosoma Decker.
This genus is characterized by having three sternopleurd bristles, the first vein without bristles; arista slightly pubescent and the fore femora armed with a series of closely placed bristles on the anterior and antero-ventral surfaces. The following is a table of the New England species. The three species described by Malloch from Alaska in 1920 (Ohio Jour. Sci., XX, 284), and later tabulated (Bull. Brooklyn Ent. Soc., XVII, 77, 1922) are omitted.
Table of species.
Thorax and abdomen black, grayish pollinose, propleura ......................................... hairy.?. .2.
Thorax, head and abdomen yellow, propleura nude.. ...... nuda Mail.
2. Wings uniformly hyaline. .3.
Wings with the anterior half brownish. .. brunneicosta sp.nov. 3. Antennsa black, abdomen subshining with hairs partly black, ventral part of the genital armature black, legs yel- ..................
low, tarsi brownish. acuticornis Loew.
Antennas with the first and second joints yellowish, abdomen dull, with white hairs on all the segments, ventral part of the genital armature yellow, legs entirely light yellow. ... pallidipes Mall.
Amaurosoma brunneicosta so. nov.
Face and cheeks yellowish white, lower half of the front yellow, the upper part black, orbits, vertex and occiput grayish pollinose, three orbital and two small frontal bristles; antennae


19271 New Species of Scatophagidce 101
black, the base of the third joint yellowish, basal half of thearista thickened, proboscis black, palpi white, slender. Thorax and abdomen black, covered with a grayish pollen, hairs black, lower part of the pleura with long white hairs, scutellum bearing two bristles. Legs yellow, the anterior femora with a row of five bristles on the anterior surface. Costa and all the veins to and including the fourth, together with that portion of the wing brown, the posterior portion of the wing hyaline and the veins light yellow, Squamae and halteres light yellow. Length 4 mm. Echo Lake, Mt. Desert, Me., June 27, 1922. Holotype in the collection of the Boston Society of Natural History. Amaurosoma acuticornis (Loew) .
Cordylura amticornis Loew, Cent. IX, 94, 1869. Specimens agreeing with the type have been collected by the writer at Jaffrey, N. H., May 14-20, and June 3; also at Rutland, Mass. June 5. Mr. S. A. Shaw has taken the species at Hamp- ton, N. H., May 12 and 18.
Orthacheta Becker . (Ort hochceta as amended). This genus has three sternopleural bristles, the first vein bristly on the outer half, hairs of the arista short, scutellum with four bristles. The following is a table of the New England species, based on the males, with the exception of 0. striqipes based on a female from Colorado.
Table of species.
Front black, middle and hind cox= black, abdomen sub- shining with a slight bluish gray pollen. . dissimilis Mall. Front partly yellow, all the cox= wholly or partly yellow, abdomen with a dull gray pollen. ................... .2. Wings and veins brown except at the base, lower third of the front yellow. ................... brunneipennis sp. nov... Wings and veins yellow, front yellow, the upper third black 3. Coxse of the middle and hind legs dark, a stripe on the post ..........
erior side of the front and middle femora black. strigipes sp. nov


102 Psyche ' [April
Cox= and femora entirely yellow. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . , . . . 4.
Abdomen entirely black, the genitalia partly dark brown, the ventral genital armature black, hairs of the legs long. hirtipes sp. nov.
Abdomen black above, lateral margins of the segments venter and genitalia reddish brown, hairs of the legs short. cornuta Loew.
Orthacheta brunneipennis sp. nov.
Face, cheeks and lower part of the occiput white, the lower third of the front yellow, the remainder black, frontal orbits white, bearing five bristles, upper part of the occiput black covered with a grayish pollen; antennae black, the tip of the second joint yellowish, proboscis black, palpi white. The thorax and abdomen black and covered with a grayish pollen, on the dorsum of the thorax slightly brownish, the rows of fine dorso- centrals give the appearance of two narrow dark lines; genitalia black, legs yellow, the posterior tarsi entirely black, the fifth joint of the fore and fourth and fifth of the middle tarsi black. Wings brownish, the extreme base a little lighter. Halteres yellow. Length 6 mm.
The female differs in having the wings yellowish with the vein brown; abdomen black with the last segment sometimes brownish at the tip; hind coxae slightly darkened at the base. Holotype and allotype taken near the "Ark", Jaffrey, N. H., May 18, 1925, and six paratypes from the same locality, May 16- June 5 in the collection of the Boston Society of Natural History. One paratype Hull, Quebec, June 6, 1923, (C. H. Curran) in the Canadian National Collection, Ottawa; two Jaffrey, N. H., May 21 and June 5, in Museum of Comparative Zoology and two Jaffrey, May 21, in the author's collection. Orthacheta strigipes sp. nov.
Face white, front yellow, the upper third and sides blackish, orbits narrow, white, margined with dark gray, bearing seven bristles; occiput black grayish pollinose; antennae black, the tip


19271 New Species of Scatophagidce 103
of the second joint narrowly margined with light yellow, palpi light yellow. Thorax and abdomen black, dark grayish pollinose. Legs yellow, the front and middle femora with a black stripe on the posterior side, on the middle femora confined to the outer half, base of the middle and posterior coxae, and the middle and posterior coxse, and the middle and posterior tarsi black, the front tarsi yellow the fifth joint black. Halteres and wings
yellow, Length 6 mm.
One female, Colorado, in the author's collection. This
species closely resembles Cordylura vittipes Loew and may be confused with that species unless the generic characters are closely studied. The New Mexican record flor C. vittipes may refer to this species.
Orthacheta hirtipes sp. nov.
Face and cheeks white, front yellow, the upper third brown- ish black, orbits gray the lower part white, six orbital bristles, vertex and occiput black, grayish pollinose, antennae black, outer half of the second joint yellowish, palpi light yellow, hairs black. Thorax and abdomen black, grayish pollinose, upper part of the genit.alia dark brown, the ventral genital armature black. Legs
yellow, the posterior tarsi brown, the fifth joint of all the tarsi black, the hairs on the legs longer than in the other species, haira on all the cox% black. Halteres yellow, wings yellow, hyaliue, veins brown. Length 6 mm.
On male, Mt. Washington carriage road, 2500 ft., June 14, 1916, (C. W. J.). Type in the collection of Boston Society of Natural History.
Orthacheta cornuta (Loew)
Cordylura cornuta Loew, Cent. 111, 48, 1863. This species has been taken at the following places in New England.
Bar Harbor, Me., June 13; Framingham, Sherborn, Auburndale and Arlington, Mass. May 16 to June 18.


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