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Book Notices.
Psyche 34(6):247, 1927.

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19271 Book Notices 247
Needham, J. G. & Needham, P. R.
A guide to the Stud
of Fresh-water Biology.
88 pp. American
Viewpoint Soc. ~ewsork & Albany, N. Y.
This is a very practical compendium of the fauna and lower plant organisms of fresh-water ponds and streams. As might be expected, the major portion of the text relates to insects, but the several other groups are covered equally well. There are an enormous number of good line drawings, and these, together with dichotomic keys for the determination of the organisms, occupy the bulk of the book. Aside from its value to young students of biology, it should be very useful to the more mature biologist who disdains the intricacies of taxonomy.
c. T. B.
. Garman, Philip
The Odonata or Dragonflies of Connecticut. Bulletin 39, State
Geological & Natural History Survey of Connecticut. 1927.
The present volume of 331 pages, illustrated by 67 figures and 22 plates, is the latest addition to the "Insects of Connecticut." Many of the figures contain ten or more well executed line drawings and leave little to be desired in the way of illustration. In addition to keys and descriptive matter in the text,pertaining to the imaginal dragonflies, the nymphs are dealt with in great detail. All in all, this Compendium will be a great boon to entomologists in New England.
c. T. n.
Buxton, P. A. & Hopkins, G. H. E,
Researches in Polynesia & Melanesia. Mem. Series No. 1, London School of Tropical Medicine, 260 pp. London 1927. This is a very beautifully prepared account of the bionomics of Aedes variegatus and A. argentem and contains much other material of interest to medical entomologists.
Of particular interest to general biologists is a chapter on the "Climate of Samoa," which discusses t,emperature and humidity in relation to the biological environment, together with some very sane observations on the use of physical instruments for recording such data.
C. T B.
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