Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 34 (1927)

The Social Parasitism of the Ant, Harpagoxenus americanus.
A. H. Sturtevant.

An Interesting Butterfly Capture.
A. P. Morse.

The Slave Raids of Harpagoxenus americanus.
W. S. Creighton.

Notes on a Collection of Amber Ants.
F. M. Carpenter.

Dipterological Notes.
C. W. Johnson.

On the Affinities of the Grylloblattidae.
A. D. Imms.

The Occurrence of Formica fusca in Sumatra.
W. M. Wheeler.

Burmese Ants Collected by Professor G. E. Gates.
W. M. Wheeler.

New West Indian Megachile.
T. B. Mitchell.

Book Notice.
H. B. Weiss.

The Thoracic Sclerites and Wing Bases of the Roach Periplaneta americana and the Basal Structures of the Wings of Insects.
G. C. Crampton.

Observations on Wood-boring Insects, their Parasites and other Associated Insects.
C. T. Brues.

Four New Helmidae from Cuba.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

Aegialia arenaria Muls. in New England, with Local Records for other Species.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

New Species of Scatophagidae.
C. W. Johnson.

New Megachilid Bees.
T. B. Mitchell.

Notes on the Nesting Habits of Some of the Less Common New England Bumble-bees.
O. E. Plath.

The Reaction of Datana Larvae to Sounds.
C. E. Abbott.

Another Vagrant Grasshopper.
A. P. Morse.

The Bowditch Collection of Chrysomelidae.
N. Banks.

A Study of the Male Abdominal Appendages of the Nais-Group of Apantesis Walker. (Lepidoptera; Arctiidae).
E. T. Learned.

Preliminary Experiments for the Control of Certain European Vine Moths by Fumigating with Cyanogas Calcium Cyanide.
S. M. Dohanian.

Notes on the Mite Pediculoides ventricosus Newport.
R. L. Taylor.

The Occurrence of the Pavement Ant (Tetramorium coespitum L.) in Boston.
W. M. Wheeler.

The Male Genital Tube of Some of the Species of the Genus Scymnus (Coleoptera, Fam. Coccinellidae).
J. W. Wilson.

Description of a New Eulophid Parasitic on Bucculatrix canadensisella Chambers.
A. B. Gahan.

Helophorus aquaticus L. in America.
P. J. Darlington.

Notes on the Present Distribution of Two Introduced Moths.
C. W. Johnson.

Notes on the Megachilidae.
T. B. Mitchell.

Notes on the Strepsiptera and Their Hymenopterous Hosts.
George Salt.

Parasites and Habits of Dianthiedium pudicum Cresson.
C. H. Hicks.

Nesting Habits of a Solitary Bee of the genus Spinoliella Ashmead.
C. P. Custer.

Bees of the Genus Halictus from Miami, Florida.
S. Graenicher.

Evidence in Support of the Olfactory Function of the Antennae of Insects.
R. W. Glaser.

The Tricyphona inconstans on Nantucket Island, Mass.
C. W. Johnson.

The North American Species of Rybaxis.
H. C. Fall.

The Ichneumen Fly Epiurus pterophori Ashmead.
M. C. Wilder.

New Neotropical Thysanoptera collected by C. B. Williams. II.
J. D. Hood.

Book Notices.