Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 36 (1929)

The Identity of the Ant Genera Gesomyrmex Mayr and Dimorphomyrmex Ernest Andre.
William Morton Wheeler.

Present Trends in Systematic Entomology. General Discussion.
Charles T. Brues.

Present Trends in Systematic Entomology. Scientific Names.
Wm. T. M. Forbes.

On Certain Forms of Common American Butterflies.
Austin H. Clark.

Coloration in Polistes pallipes.
Phil. Rau.

New Species of Dolichopodidae from the West Indies (Diptera).
M. C. Van Duzee.

Thelytoky in Scleroderma immigrans.
Clyde E. Keeler.

New Asilidae from Mexico (Diptera).
S. W. Bromley.

Further Notes on the Habits of Harpagoxenus americanus.
Wm. S. Creighton.

Notes on Aphrophora salicis De Geer in America.
Z. P. Metcalf and G. W. Barber.

Proceedings of the Cambridge Entomological Club.

The Unexpected Acid Test.
C. A. Frost.

A New Pseudomasaris from California, with some Considerations on the Masarid Wasps (Hymenoptera).
Jos. Bequaert.

Two Neotropical Ants Established in the United States.
W. M. Wheeler.

Note on Gesomyrmex.
W. M. Wheeler.

A Flight of Pieris monuste.
C. W. Johnson.

A Species of Megachile from Bermuda.
T. B. Mitchell.

The Ant Genus Rhopalomastix.
W. M. Wheeler.

A Note on the Asparagus Beetle, Crioceris asparagi Linn.
M. F. Crowell.

A Camponotus Mermithergate from Argentina.
W. M. Wheeler.

Diptera Destroying Snails.
C. W. Johnson.

Common Names and Taxonomy.
J. A. Hyslop.

Geotrupes horni Blanchard.
C. A. Frost.

Phenology of Oligolectic Bees and Favorite Flowers.
C. Robertson.

Thelytoky or Arrhenotoky in Sclerodermus immigrans.
J. C. Bridwell.

Critical Data upon Thelytoky in Scleroderma immigrans.
C. E. Keeler.

A New Species of Blepharocera from Massachusetts (Diptera).
O. A. Johannsen.

Xenillus clypeator Robineau-Desvoidy and its Identity.
A. P. Jacot.

Diptera of Labrador.
C. W. Johnson.

A Beautiful Crane-fly from Siam.
T. D. A. Cockerell.

The problems of Applied Entomology, by R. A. Wardle.
C. T. Brues.

A handbook of the Dragonflies of North America, by J. G. Needham and H. B. Heywood.
C. T. Brues.

New Forms of Odontoponera transversa.
Wm. S. Creighton.

The Biology and Behavior of Mining Bees, Anthophora abrupta and Entechnia taurea.
Phil Rau.

A Discussion of Human and Insect Societies.
M. F. Crowell.

A Jurassic Neuropteran from the Lithographic Limestone of Bavaria.
F. M. Carpenter.

Ecological Observations upon the Myrmecocoles of Formica ulkei Emery, Especially Leptinus testaceus Mueller.
Orlando Park.

Note on Lema palustris Blatchley.
C. A. Frost.

Notes on the Structure and Significance of Palaeogyrinus.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

European Coleoptera at Providence, R. I., in 1928.
J. V. Nylen.

A Preliminary Study of the Tracheal System of the Mature Larva of Blepharipa scutellata R-Desvoidy.
M. F. Crowell.

Down With the Type-Cult.
Embrik Strand.

Notes on Reproduction in Aspidiotus hederae (Coccidae).
Franz Schroder.

A Note on Chilosia hiawatha Shannon.
C. W. Johnson.

A New Thynnid Wasp from New Caledonia.
T. D. A. Cockerell.

The Nesting Habits of the Burrowing Bee, Epinomia triangulifera Vachal.
Phil Rau.

Stylopized Vespidae.
George Salt and Jos. Bequaert.

Anatrichis minuta Dej.
C. A. Frost.

Observations on Two Remarkable Cixiid Plant-Hoppers (Homoptera) from Cuba.
J. G. Myers.

Notes on Cocoons and Parasites of Melissodes obliqua and Nests of Perdita opuntiae (Hymenoptera-Apoidea).
C. P. Custer.

Descriptions of Four New Forms of Eriophyes.
J. Kendall.

Is Necrophylus arenarius Roux the Larva of Pterocroce storeyi Withycombe.
Wm. M. Wheeler.

A Classification of the Psocidae.
N. Banks.

Four New Species of Psammocharidae.
N. Banks.

On the Dryopid Beetle Genus Lara.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

The Tracheal System of the Mature Larva of Pyrausta nubilalis Hubn.
M. F. Crowett.

Descriptions of Five New Species of Vespoid Wasps (Hymenoptera).
R. Roberts.

Some Additional Remarks on the Masarid Wasps (Hymenoptera).
J. Bequaert.

Notes on the Syrphidae Collected at Jaffrey and Mount Monadnock, N.H., with a Description of a New Species.
C. W. Johnson.

The Proper Use of the Terms Parapsides and Parapsidal Furrows.
G. S. Tulloch.

Notes on the Habits of Amphizoa.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

Habits of the Staphylinid Beetle Dianous nitidulus.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

New Books.
C. T. Brues.

Errata for vol. 36.