Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 38 (1931)

The Genitalia and Terminal Structures of the Male of the Archaic Mecopteron Notiothauma reedi, Compared with Related Holometabola from the Standpoint of Phylogeny.
G. C. Crampton.

Two New Species of Fungus Gnats of the Genus Apemon.
C. W. Johnson.

A New Name for Nebria vandykei Darlington.
P. J. Darlington.

An Interesting Copy of Wiedemann's Diptera Exotica.
G. W. Johnson.

Some Preliminary Notes on the Genus Ephemerella.
A. L. Steger.

Hyperaspis paludicola and H. disconotata.
C. A. Frost.

Notes on Some Moths Collected at Silver Lake, Chesham, New Hampshire.
A. B. Klots.

Mosquito Control in Massachusetts.
G. S. Tulloch.

The Biology of the Mecoptera.
F. M. Carpenter.

Some Oriental Neuropteroid Insects.
Nathan Banks.

Proceedings of the Cambridge Entomological Club.
Richard Dow.

Ants Collected on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
A. H. Sturtevant.

Concerning Some Ant Gynandromorphs.
W. M. Wheeler.

The Ant Camponotus (Myrmepomis) sericeiventris Guérin and its Mimic.
W. M. Wheeler.

A New Ant-Like Cerambycid Beetle from Honduras.
W. S. Fisher.

Notes on North American Anyphaeninae in the Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Elizabeth B. Bryant.

Book Notice.
F. M. Carpenter.

The Nesting Habits of Polistes rubiginosis, with Special Reference to Pleometrosis in this and other Species of Polistes Wasps.
Phil Rau.

On Some Carabidae, Including New Species, from the Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee.
P. J. Darlington, Jr.

A Cuban Vermileo.
Wm. M. Wheeler.

Notes on the Tick, Ornithodoros talaje (Guer.), Infesting a House in the Canal Zone.
L. H. Dunn.

A New Species of Chrysopa.
N. Banks.

New Ants of the Genus Macromischa.
C. A. Aguayo.

Neopanorpa hirsutal (Crampton).
F. M. Carpenter.

Notes on the Hippoboscidae. 3. Hippoboscidae of Yucatan.
J. Bequaert.

500th Meeting of the Cambridge Entomological Club.