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V. Nabokov.
A Third Species of Echinargus Nabokov (Lycaenidae, Lepidoptera).
Psyche 52(3-4):193, 1945.

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lY43J Echinargus 19.5
Museum of Comparative Zoology
Since discussing the neotropical Plebejinae (Mar.-June, 1945 [publ. 26-X.19451 Psyche 52: 1-61), I have examined a male of "Lycaena" martha Dognin 1887 (Le Naturaliste 9: 190, fig. 5) kindly loaned to me by Prof. Wm. T. M. Forbes. The species proves to belong to my genus Echinargus and structurally is beautifully intermediate between isola and the Trinidad species. The specimen is labeled "Huacapistana, Rio Tarma, Peru, 1-3-VI-1920, [leg.] T. M. Forbes," coll. Cornell U.
Measurements (in mm.) : aedeagus 0.79, suprazonal portion 0.3, subzonal 0.49, with breadth (lateral view) 0.1; penis 0.67; Vertical
furca 0.5 ; sagum 0.52 (see description). extension of
0.26 0.06 0.16
uncus: forearm - , humerulus - , shoulder --, lobe 0.04 0.19 0.08
- Valve 0.87, with breadth 0.39.
Sagum intermediate between isola and the Trinidad species: smaller than in the former, with an "unfilled" portion in the ventral margin as in the Trin. sp., and larger than in the latter, with the "unfilled" portion much less pronounced and armed with teeth as in isola; if measured as in the case of the Trin. sp. (l.c.:30) then ZD = 0.52, PD = 0.4, and ZP - 0.45, the jut- ting "lower portion" being only 0.16 (i.e. about twice shorter than in the Trinidad species) along its "upper" margin, and some of the teeth (the medial ones) with which the side ZD is set (about a dozen in all) reaching almost 0.1 in length. I take this occasion to note that in Pseudothecla faga Dognin the rudimentary sagum (LC.: 11) clings to the furca and is armed with numerous minute teeth averaging 0.014 in length. (A certain roughness suggesting rudimentary teeth is also apparent under a X 3 60 magnification in the small sagum lobe of Hemiargus hanno).
Pachc 52:193 11945). http //psyche enlcliib ore/52/52.193 him1


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