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founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 55 (1948)

Neotropical Dorilaidæ (Pipunculidæ) Studies, Part 1 (Diptera).
D. Elmo Hardy.

New and Little Known Species of Nearctic Trichoptera.
D. G. Denning.

Notes on Chinese Panorpidæ (Mecoptera).
F. M. Carpenter.

Notes on Melanophora roralis (Linn.) (Diptera).
F. M. Jones.

Theodore Dru Addison Cockerell.

Accidental Parasitism of a Tick by a Tick.
G. Anastos.

A New Discothyrea from New Caledonia (Hymenoptera: Formicidæ).
W. L. Brown, Jr.

The Supposed Nymphs of the Palæodictyoptera.
F. M. Carpenter.

Leptinus americanus Leconte Taken on a Shrew (Coleoptera-Leptinidae).
F. G. Werner and B. L. Edwards.

Some Spiders from Acapulco, Mexico.
Elisabeth B. Bryant.

A Redescription of the Types of Strumigenys mandibularis F. Smith, and Cephaloxys eapitata F. Smith (Hymenoptera).
H. Donisthorpe.

A New Species of Corydalus (Neuroptera).
N. Banks.

Concerning Esuris Barber (not St&acir;l) and Neosuris Barber, with a New Subspecies from Idaho. (Hemiptera-Heteroptera: Lygacidae).
H. G. Barber.

Four New Peruvian Chiggers (Acarina-Trombiculidae).
G. W. Wharton.

A Permian Insect from Texas.
F. M. Carpenter.

The Genus Pachodynerus (Hymenoptera, Vespidæ) in the Antilles.
J. C. Bequaert.

Pupal Parasites of Tabanidæ.
N. S. Bailey.

Notes on Perlidæ.
N. Banks.

Notes on Tabanus atratus subsp. nantuckensis Hine (Diptera).
N. S. Bailey.

The Generic Name Trombiculoides Jacot, 1938.
G. W. Wharton.

Seven New Flea Beetles from the West Indies (Coleoptera-Chrysomelidæ).
D. H. Blake.

Chrysopidæ (Nothochrysidæ) Collected in Mexico by Dr. A. Dampf (Neuroptera).
N. Banks.

Hovering Males of Hybomitra cineta (Fabricius) (Diptera, Tabanidæ).
N. S. Bailey.

The Distribution of Onychophora in New Guinea and Neighboring Islands.
C. T. Brues.

Another Eecord for Mantispa interrupta Say.
N. S. Bailey.

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