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Centennial of Entomology at Cornell University.
Psyche 81(2):257, 1974.

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19741 Waldorf -- Sinella coeca 257
1961. Beobachtungen zum Verhalten arthropleoner Collernbolen (Aptery- gota), Deutsch Entomolog. Z., N. F. 8: 216-221. 1963. Zum Putzverhalten arthropleoner ColIembolen (Ins., Apterygota). Entomolog. Z., 73 : 221-228.
1971. The reproductive biology of Sinella curwisetu (Collembola: Entomobryidae) in laboratory culture. Rev. Ecol, Biol. Sol 8: 451-463.
CENTENNIAL OF ENTOMOLOGY. Cornell University has announced a Centennid of Entomology, celebrating John Henry Comstock's graduation and the founding of studies in entomology at the Uni- versity. A symposium on Insects, Science and Society will be held on October 14 and 15, 1974. The speakers at the symposium will be as follows:
Howard E. Evans, Colorado State University: The Comstock Heritage.
John J, McKelvey, Jr., The Rockefeller Foundation : Insects and Human Welfare.
Edward 0. Wilson! Harvard University: Insect and Human Societies.
John S. Kennedy) Imperial College Field Station, Ascot! England : Insect Dispersal.
Richard D. Alexander, University of Michigan: Insect ~~ommuni- cation - Acoustical.
Wendell L. Roelofs, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva: Insect Communication - Chemical. Mano D. Pathak, International Rice Research Institute, Philip- pines: Patterns of Interaction between Plants and Insects. T, R. E. Southwood, Imperial College Field Station, Ascot, Eng- land : The Dynamics of Insect Populations. Powers Messenger, University of California, Berkeley: Parasitoids, Predators and Population Dynamics.
Waldemar Klassen, U.S.D.A.! ARS-Plant Industry Station, Maryland : Pest Management - Organization and Resources. L. Dale Newsom, Louisiana State University: Pest Management - concept to Practice.
Further information can be obtained from the Chairman, Depart- ment of Entomology, Cornell University) Ithaca, New York 14850.


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