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W. M. Wheeler.
[Notice of] Reprints of Articles by Professor W. M. Wheeler.
Psyche 84(1):107, 1977.

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1974 Ralston - Egg Guarding by Zelus 107 ESPINAL, L. S. AND E. MONTENEGRO.
1962. Formaciones Vegetales de Colon~bia. Institute Augustin Codazzi, Bo- gota.
1934. Observations on Pachycoris torridus (Scop.), with remarks on parental care in other Hemiptera. Bull. Brooklyn Ent. Soc. 29: 133-45. ODHIAMBO, T. R.
An account of parental care in Rhinocoris albopilosus Signoret (Hem- iptera-Heteroptera: Reduviidae), with notes on its life history. Proc. Royal Ent. Soc., London. (a) 34: 175-185. REPRINTS OF ARTICLES BY W. M. WHEELER. -The Cambridge Enton1ological Club has available for distribution numerous re- prints of articles by Professor W. M. Wheeler. These were stored in Professor Wheeler's office at Harvard University at the time of his death in 1937 and they have recently been turned over to the Cambridge Enton~ological Club by Dr. Ralph Wheeler and Miss Adeline Wheeler. Included are about 12,700 individual copies of 250 publications by Dr. Wheeler.
In accordance with a vote of the society in April of this year, a committee has been appointed to administer the distribution of the reprints. The price of the reprints has been set at the rate of 5<t a page (including postage); for orders under $5 there will be in addition a handling charge of 50~. A list of the reprints is avail- able for $1.00 from the W. M. Wheeler Reprint Committee, Cam- bridge Enton~ological Club, 16 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 02138. Checks should be made payable to the Cambridge Ento- nlological Club. - F. M. Carpenter, editor. Pachc M:107 11977). http //psyclir.enlcliib.ore/84/84-107 him1


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