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Author and Subject Index to Volume 84.
Psyche 84(3-4):319-?, 1977.

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A Journal of Entomology
Volume 84
Editorial Board
Published Quarterly by the Cambridge Entomological Club Editorial Office: Biological Laboratories 16 Divinity Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A.


The numbers of PSYCHE issued during the past year were mailed on the following dates:
Vol. 83, no. 3-4, September-December, 1976: August 29, 1977 Vol. 84, no. 1, March, 1977: November 30, 1977 Vol. 84, no. 2, June, 1977: March 28, 1978


Adams, P. A.
Taxonomy of the United States Leucochrysa (Neuroptera, Chrys- opidae). 92
Alloway, T. M.
See Buschinger, A.
Barrows, E. M. See Lanigan, P. J.
Brown, W. L., Jr. A Supplement to the World Revision of Odontomachus (Hy- menoptera:Formicidae). 28 1
Brown, W. L., Jr, An Aberrant New Genus of Myrmicine Ant from Madagascar. 21 8
Bruinsma, 0. See Leuthold, R. H.
Buschinger, A. and T. M. Alloway.
Population Structure and Polymorphism in the Slave-Making Ant, Harpagoxenus americanus (Emery) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). 233
Eberhard, W. G. Fighting Behavior of Male Golofa porteri Beetles (Scarabeidae: Dynastinae). 292
Evans, H. E. Observations on the Nests and Prey of Eumenid Wasps (Hymenop- tera, Euminidae). 255
Fiance, S. B. The Genera of Eastern North American Chloroperlidae (Plecoptera): Key to Larval Stages. 308
Francoeur, A. The Taxonomic Status and Biogeographic Significance of the Su- matran Formica (Formicidae, Hymenoptera). 1 1
Hare, J. D. The Biology of Phaneta imbridana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a Seed Predator of Xanthium strumarium (Compositae). 179
Hubbard, M. D. and E. F. Riek.
New Name for a Triassic Mayfly from South Africa. 260
Jackson, R. R. Comparative Studies of Dictyna and Mallos (Araneae, Dictynidae). 111. Prey and Predatory Behavior.
Kanz, J. E. The Orientation of Migrant and Non-Migrant Monarch Butterflies, Danaus plexippus (L.). 120
Lanigan, P. J. and E. M. Barrows. Sexual Behavior of Murgantia histrionica (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae). 191
Leston, D.
Seasonality and the Flight of Paussids (Coleoptera) in West Africa. 210
Legner, E. F. and 1. Moore. The Larva of Platystethus Erichson (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) and its Occurrence in Bovine Feces in Irrigated Pastures. 158
Leuthold, R. H. and 0. Bruinsma.
Pairing Behavior in Hodotermes mossambicus (Isoptera). 109


Moore, I. The Larva of Rothium sonorensis Moore & Legner, with a Key to the Known Larvae of the Genera of the Marine Bolitocharini (Coleoptera: Staph- ylinidae). 262
Moore, I.
See Legner, E. F.
Morse, R. A. See Seeley, T. D.
Peck, S. B.
A Review of the Distribution and Biology of the Small Carrion Beetle, Prionochaeta opaca of North America (Coleoptera; Leiodidae; Catopinae). 299
Peck, S. B. New Records and Species of Leiodinae and Catopinae (Coleoptera: Leiodidae) from Jamaica and Puerto Rico, with a Discussion of Wing Di- morphism. 243
Porter, C. C. Ecology, Zoogeography and Taxonomy of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Mesostenines (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). 28 Ralston, J. S.
Egg Guarding by Male Assassin Bugs of the Genus Zelus (Hemip- tera: Reduviidae). 103
Randall, J. B. New Observations of Maternal Care Exhibited by the Green Lynx Spider, Peucetia viridans Hentz (Araneida: Oxyopidae). 286 Riek, E. F.
See Hubbard, M. D.
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Robinson, M. H. and B. Robinson. Associations Between Flies and Spiders: Bibiocommensalism and Dipsoparasitism? 150 Robinson, M. H. and C. E. Valerio. Attacks on Large or Heavily Defended Prey by Tropical Salticid Spiders. 1
Robinson. B. See Robinson, M. H.
Seeley, T. D. and R. A. Morse.
Dispersal Behavior of Honey Bee Swarms. 199 Shapiro, A. M. Evidence for Obligate Monophenism in Reliquia santamarta, a Neotropical-Alpine Pierine Butterfly (Lepid0ptera:Pieridae). 183 Thayer, M. K. Redescription of Xenicopoda Moore and Legner (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae, Omaliinae), with Supplementary Notes. 142
Tietjen, W. J. Dragline-Following by Male Lycosid Spiders. 165 Tolbert, W. W. Aerial Dispersal Behavior of Two Orb Weaving Spiders. 13 Valerio, C. E.
See Robinson, M. H.


All new genera, new species and new names are printed in CAPITAL TYPE. Aberrant new genus of myrmicine
ant, 218
Acerastes, 72
Aerial dispersal of orb weaving spi-
ders, 13
Agonocrypt us, 74
Anelosimus eximus, 225
Apheloplastus BICOLOR, 252
Apheloplastus JAMAICENSIS, 250
Apheloplastus PUERTORICENSIS, 252
Apheloplastus MICROPS, 252
Argiope, 153
Argiope aurantia, 13
Argiope trifasciata, 13
Assassin bugs, 103
Associations between flies and spi-
ders, 150
Attacks by salticid spiders, 1
Bibiocommensalism, 150
Bicristella TEXANA, 49
Biology of Phaneta imbridana, 179
Bolitocharini, 262
Catopinae, 243
Chloroperlidae, key to genera, 308
Chrysopidae, 92
Comparative studies of Dictyna and
Mallos, 267
Compsocryptus, 36
Cryptanura lamentaria, 37, 43
Cryptanura VALLIS, 38
Danaus plexippus, 120
Diapetimorpha acadia, 57, 67
Diapetimorpha ASPILA, 56, 62
Diapetimorpha introita, 56, 66
Diapetimorpha macula, 55, 58
Diapetimorpha PAREIA, 56, 64
Diapetimorpha picta, 54, 62
Diupetimorpha SPHENOS, 55, 58
Dictyna, 267
Dipsoparasitism, 150
Dispersal behavior of honey bee
swarms, 199
Distribution and biology of Priono-
chaeta, 292
Dragline-following by male lycosid
spiders, 165
Ecology, zoogeography and taxon-
omy of Mesostenines, 28
Egg guarding by Zelus, 107
Eumenid wasps, 225
Euodynerus, 255
Evidence for obligate monophenism
in Reliquia, 183
Fighting behavior of Golofa porteri,
Flies, 150
Formica glacialis, 11
1 1, 21 8, 233, 28 1
Gambrus, 33
Genera of eastern North American
Chloroperlidae, 308
Genera of marine Bolitocharini, 262
Golofa porteri, 292
Green Lynx Spider, 286
Gumilla longicornis, 100
Hodotermes mossambicus 109
Honey bees, 199
Ichneumonidae, 28
Joppidium, 35, 36
Lanugo, 36
Larva of Platystethus spiculus,
Larva of Rothium sonorensis.
Leiodinae, 243
Leucochrysa, 92
Listrognathus, 67
Lycosa, 168
Lycosid spiders, 165
Lymeon, 68
Mallochia, 68


Mallos, 267
Maternal care, Green Lynx Spider,
Mayfly, 260
Menemerus bivittatus, 4
Mesostenini, 28, 32
Mesostenus gracilis, 46
Mesostenus longicaudis, 49
Mesostenus OPUNTIAE, 47
Messatoporus, 74
Monarch butterflies, 120
Murgantia histrionics, 19 1
Neopalthus, 227
Nephila, 155
New observations on Green Lynx
Spider, 286
New name for Triassic mayfly, 260
New records and species of Leiodi-
nae and Catopinae, 243
Obligate monophenism, 183
Observations on the nests and prey
of eumenids, 255
Odontomachus, 283, 284
Odontomachus SCALPTUS, 28 1
Orb Weaving spiders, 13
Orientation of migrant and non-mi-
grant Monarch Butterflies, 120
Pachysomoides, 74
Pairing behavior of Hodotermes
mossambicus, 109
Parancistrocerus, 258
Paussids, 210
Peucetia viridans, 286
Phaneta imbridana, 179
Phiale, 2
Platystethus spiculus, 158
Polycyrtidea, 73
Population structure in Harpagox-
enus, 233
Polymorphism in Harpagoxenus,
Prey and predatory behavior of
Dictyna and Mallos, 267
Prionochaeta opaca, 299
Pseudepipona, 256
Redescription of Xenicopoda, 142
Reliquia santamarta, 183
Review of the distribution and biol-
ogy of Prionochaeta, 299
Rothium sonorensis, 262
Salticid spiders, 1
Seasonality and flight of paussids,
Sexual behavior of Murgantia histri-
onic~, 191
Slave-making ant, 233
Small carrion beetle, 292
Social spider, 225
1, 13, 150, 165, 225, 286
Staphylinidae, 142, 158
Supplement to the world revision of
Odontomachus, 28 1
Symbioses between insects and spi-
ders, 225
Taxonomic status of Sumatran For-
mica, 11
Taxonomy of Leucochrysa, 92
Trachysphyrus, 33
Triassic mayfly, 260
Trychosis, 33
Wing dimorphism, 243
Xanthium strumarium, 179
Xenicopoda helenae, 142
Zelus, 103


Volume 84 table of contents