Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 96 (1989)

Norman F. Carlin and David S. Gladstein.

Kimberly A. Matthews and Donald C. Tarter.

Christian Peeters and Alan N. Andersen.

William G. Eberhard.

J. Heinze.

Jae C. Choe.

Alfred Buschinger.

Herbert W. Levi.

Stanley H. Faeth.

Bert Hölldobler and Jacqueline M. Palmer.

W. R. J. Dean.

Bert Hölldobler and Norman F. Carlin.

Thomas Eisner, George E. Ball, Braden Roach, Daniel J. Aneschansley, Maria Eisner, Curtis L. Blankespoor, and Jerrold Meinwald.

Donald P. Jouvenaz, Daniel P. Wojcik, and Robert K. Vander Meer.

John Alcock.

James M. Carpenter and John W. Wenzel.

Phillip A. Adams.

Carlos Roberto F. Brandão, Rafael G. Martins-Neto, and M. Aparecida Vulcano.

Robert K. Robbins.

Joan Strassmann.

Bert Hölldobler and Hubert Markl.

R. Beckers, S. Goss, J. L. Deneubourg, and J. M. Pasteels.

Gregg Henderson, Russel O. Wagner, and Robert L. Jeanne.

Paula Cushing.

Ronald L. Rutowski, Janis L. Dickenson, and Barbara Terkanian.

A. Buschinger, C. Peters, and R. H. Crozier.

Mandy Kotzman.

Frank N. Young.

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