Cambridge Entomological Club, 1874

A Journal of Entomology

founded in 1874 by the Cambridge Entomological Club
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This is the CEC archive of Psyche through 2000. Psyche is now published by Hindawi Publishing.

Volume 97 (1990)

James M. Carpenter and Alexander P. Rasnitsyn.

John W. Wenzel.

Craig LaMunyon and Thomas Eisner.

Gregg Henderson, George D. Hoffman, and Robert L. Jeanne.

Thomas M. Alloway and Gregory Keough.

Elwood C. McCluskey and Jack S. Neal.

Avshalom Konigswald, Yael Lubin, and David Ward.

John T. Longino and Nalini M. Nadkarni.

Elizabeth M. Jakob and Hugh Dingle.

Karen L. Olmstead and Thomas K. Wood.

Lawrence F. Gall.

Frank M. Carpenter.

Hirotami T. Imai, Robert W. Taylor, Masao Kubota, Kazuo Ogata, and Masayasu Y. Wada.

Lynn S. Kimsey.

Francesco Le Moli and Alessandra Mori.

Brent D. Opell.

Thomas M. Alloway and Sandra Hodgson.

Aniruddh D. Patel.

Richard M. Bohart.

F. Ito.

Ken R. Helms and Steven W. Rissing.

Peter Nonacs.

Richard M. Bohart.

Jonathan C. Harrod, Herbert W. Levi, and Laura B. Leibensperger.

John Alcock.

Robert W. Taylor.

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